What the Crutch? Tips and Stories About My Friends!

Crutches get a bad rap. I am here to proclaim: I LIKE crutches. Obviously, if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t be using them at all. Since I am only able to use one foot to get around, I think crutches are, by far, the best way to do it. This isn’t my first time being tripedal. I had to use crutches about 7 years ago when I had a stress fracture. Yes, it was my right foot back then too—poor foot. I only had to use the crutches for about two weeks before I was able to amble around in just a boot. The worst part was I was in college and carrying around a heavy backpack whilst crutching from class to class can get tiring pretty quickly.

I’ve been on crutches for twelve weeks now. I’ve read many blogs where people curse their crutches and say they hurt their arms or they find them awkward. If they are hurting the underside of your arms, your armpits, you are crutching wrong. All of your weight should be on your hands, not your armpits. There are nerves in your underarms that can be damaged if you put pressure on them so do be careful of this. No need to cause more injury! I had to adjust the handles when I got home from the ER. They had them right in the middle of the five holes and I needed them to move up one peg. I found that when I first started crutching, the muscles in the heels of my hands got a little sore. This was to be expected, as with any muscle that you don’t use frequently.

I'm pointing to where the handles originally were. Don't be afraid to adjust-- it's very easy.

I’m pointing to where the handles originally were. Don’t be afraid to adjust– it’s very easy.

I don’t find the crutches awkward. Yes, I have fallen, twice, and it sucked both times. The first time Continue reading


Is the Big Blue Box the Key to My Passion?

Note: It’s time to jump in the time machine…I originally wrote this on 8/5/13 and never posted it. I thought it was relevant for today.

I couldn’t sleep last night and I looked up ‘what is the point of blogging?’ and found something even more interesting here. The authors mention you should find your passion and then link to another post that says “follow your passion” is crappy advice. This intrigued me because I have always felt that I have never had a passion. Yes, I’ve been passionate, even obsessed, about many things but I never felt that one thing was the thing that was my passion.

This has always been a source of frustration for me. I often see others who know from a very young age what their one talent is and that is usually their passion. And of course the general media feeds into this idea that the most talented people just know that one thing they were born to do. Continue reading

Cast off…cast away?

I expected that this would be a really upbeat and happy post. If you’re looking for that, I suggest you go elsewhere. There probably won’t be any photos or fun stuff today.  I sound like Lemony Snicket—warning you to stop reading about my unfortunate events. It is the truth though, and they say the truth shall set you free.

What should have been a momentous occasion has turned into something that takes me further down the spiral. It’s been a very difficult week for reasons that I will not go into here. I got my cast off yesterday. I had mixed feelings about it. I know it is a step (step, yeah, I wish!!) forward and it means progress in my healing. I also knew that it meant that there was much work to do. Continue reading

Farewell to Pinky…and Leather?

At the end of this week, Pinky and I will no longer be together.

Elevated Pinky

Elevated Pinky

I’m a little sad about this, as I’ve grown close to Pinky.

Having a laugh with Pinky.

Having a laugh with Pinky.

We’ve had some good times.

Pinky and me getting some sun and enjoying a beverage.

Pinky and me getting some sun and enjoying a beverage.

If you don’t know who Pinky is, she is my cast.

Pinky on the couch.

Pinky on the couch.

She’s named after Pinky Tuscadero because she’s a demolition derby champion and enjoys dating Arthur Fonzarelli.

Pinky (the first one) and Fonzie

Pinky (the first one) and Fonzie

I’m pretty sure her sister, Leather, is hiding beneath.

Leather-- she's tough and is overshadowed by her sister, but still cute.

Leather– she’s tough and is overshadowed by her sister, but still cute.

Yes, I will have to deal with an epic exfoliation when Pinky comes off and I get to care for my leg and foot after seven weeks of no water–or anything else– touching it. I’m more than a little nervous about how much skin is going to come off of “Leather”. When I first had the splint from the ER and had it removed, I thought my foot was falling off when I first bathed it. That was only a week!

I can’t decide whether to document this part of my story. I will let you all decide. Would you like to read about this and view possibly gruesome photos of this event? Or will that make my blog more like this:

Although that, my friends, is PURE GOLD!!!

Failing, Persistence, Romanticism and Kimchiguk

I fail a lot. I wanted to put that out there so you didn’t think this was one of those blogs where I do everything easily and perfectly all the time. You know, like all those other people you read about online. Heh. A great deal of the time, I fail at what I do. I failed this weekend, letting fear guide a decision and missing an opportunity to connect with others. I recently wrote about how I did not want fear to hold me back and then I let it. I also failed this weekend in regards to making healthy food choices. I have not been feeling terrific and decided it would be a good idea to have salted caramel and chocolate chili ice cream for dinner. With salt and vinegar potato chips. And a nice glass of iced whisky to wash it all down. As someone who makes it a priority to eat nutritious foods, that was a pretty epic fail. Although, I must say it was a very delicious fail and I do not regret it. I made a better choice the next night. That is very important to me, to move forward with no regrets. Seventy-one days ago I failed at making kimchi. The thing is, even with all this failure, I keep trying. I am persistent. Continue reading

My One-legged Lisfranc Workout

I put together a strength training workout that I can do whilst still non-weight bearing. I gathered up all the exercises I knew I could do on one leg while still working out both legs and the rest of my body. With the help of my long time coach and friend, I made a program. I have finished this workout three times now and have changed it slightly each time, as I often do with my programs. It’s important to adapt things to your abilities.

The first time I did it I only did one set. I wanted to see how difficult it was for me and I didn’t want to over do it. I also discarded a few of the exercises because I had discomfort with my foot doing them. The second time, I decided to play with the order of the exercises and do supersets to shorten the time needed to get through it. I like to do supersets because it makes the workout go faster because you move quickly and rest one body part while working another. I did the workout again yesterday and it really kicked my behind. I am a little sore today but if Monday’s workout is any indication, I will probably experience more DOMS tomorrow. It usually takes about two days for me to feel it. DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness. You can learn more about it here. I actually love the feeling of DOMS as it lets me know that I am getting stronger and my workouts are effective. Continue reading

More Bureaucracy, Discovering the Fourth “P” and The Gift

Earlier in the day, I went to the doctor’s office and picked up the paperwork necessary to get a temporary handicap placard. I had to go to an entirely different building downtown to get this. Obviously, the DMV wouldn’t deal with handicap placards for cars—that would just be silly. I was pretty amazed at how inaccessible the building was for those with disabilities seeing as how that is one of the main reasons for business. Once again, I had to crutch a long distance as well as go up four separate flights of stairs. Granted, there were only about 3-4 steps in each flight so not gigantic but still rather inconvenient. It was not clear where the handicap ramp was.

disability placard

You can see the several sets of small stairs. Going up stairs is much easier than down so it wasn’t too daunting.

Once inside, I found out I had to go to the other side of the building to get to the office I needed. This was another long trek but at least there was a ramp and an elevator to the second floor. I got in line and waited, standing on one foot, as usual. A bunch of people came in behind me. I had been there for a while and I was finally at the front. The guy at the back of the line asked where the front of the line was. I said I was at the front of the line and he said, well, that guy just walked up to that window, indicating he went out of turn. I looked over at the guy who had cut the line, smiled and said, “Hmmm, well, I guess karma will get him” and I turned back around to wait. I felt a small surge of anger and thought, what a jerk. It was a selfish thing to do and it was out of my control. I could only control my reaction and it wasn’t worth getting upset about. I guess some people don’t think about other people’s circumstances. I will certainly remember to be even more cognizant of other people’s needs and accommodate them whenever possible. Once again, it is the little things that can really make a difference. I took a deep breath and continued to wait. Continue reading