My One-legged Lisfranc Workout

I put together a strength training workout that I can do whilst still non-weight bearing. I gathered up all the exercises I knew I could do on one leg while still working out both legs and the rest of my body. With the help of my long time coach and friend, I made a program. I have finished this workout three times now and have changed it slightly each time, as I often do with my programs. It’s important to adapt things to your abilities.

The first time I did it I only did one set. I wanted to see how difficult it was for me and I didn’t want to over do it. I also discarded a few of the exercises because I had discomfort with my foot doing them. The second time, I decided to play with the order of the exercises and do supersets to shorten the time needed to get through it. I like to do supersets because it makes the workout go faster because you move quickly and rest one body part while working another. I did the workout again yesterday and it really kicked my behind. I am a little sore today but if Monday’s workout is any indication, I will probably experience more DOMS tomorrow. It usually takes about two days for me to feel it. DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness. You can learn more about it here. I actually love the feeling of DOMS as it lets me know that I am getting stronger and my workouts are effective.

Below, I am posting this workout and the order I did it. Please use common sense and check with your doctor before you start exercising. I got the all clear to exercise after I got the cast on which marks three weeks ago today. Yay! Before that, I went seven weeks with no real exercise as I was told NO EXERCISE. This was extremely difficult for me because before the accident, I normally walked 3-5 miles a day, did strength training three times a week for around 45 minutes and just started doing kickboxing. I also threw in the occasional yoga DVD and some sort of sprinting about once a week. I try to stick to the Primal Blueprint principals of exercising. I find that it meshes best with what naturally makes me feel well.

My main influences in fitness are Mark Sisson (The Primal Blueprint), Erwan Le Corre of MovNat, and Jason Seib (The Paleo Coach). These men all advocate functional fitness, preferably in the outdoors and take a holistic approach to wellness that fits with my philosophy. They all have different twists to their methods and I really enjoy incorporating all their ideas. I highly recommend reading their books and checking out their websites with the links above. I will probably reference them more in other posts, as they are my go to men for fitness. As an example, check out this video of Erwan Le Corre.

Who wouldn’t want to move like that through the world? I hope that one day soon I will be able to work on perfecting my movements outdoors in such a powerful and graceful way. Until then, I will focus on doing what I can to keep my body conditioned and hopefully gain some strength and endurance. Obviously, right now I am limited as to what I can do so the workout below doesn’t necessarily reflect what the above men recommend ideally for a workout. I believe it is critical to be able to adapt to your circumstances and not let ideals become an excuse for inaction.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Warm up:

Crutch around area as needed to increase heart rate

Shoulder rolls (front, back, one front/one back)

Hip circles (both ways)

Arm circles (both ways)

Ball from feet to head

Scissor kicks

Scapula retractions with tube

Also, I recently found these mobility videos that are great and you can do any time. I’m incorporating these into my warm up as well. Proper movement and form is the most important aspect of a fitness program. If your form is sloppy, injury will happen.


Go quickly between exercises to keep heart rate elevated. Focus on the muscles being used; keep core tight and movements controlled.

15-20 reps or to fatigue

Push ups (modified on knees)

Sitting Front leg raises (focus on quads, sit as straight as possible)


Chest fly with dumbbells

Lying Hip Abductions/Adductions


Sitting tube row

Prone leg lifts (focus on hamstrings and glutes)


Overhead press

Crunches with feet on ball


Bicep curls



Sitting or lying Tricep extention

Reverse crunches


Core Circuit:

Russian twists (with weight)


Plank (modified)– hold for at least one minute


Cool down with a full body stretch.


I plan to add another set and/or more weight as I get stronger. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about my workout. Remember, this was designed for my fitness level. Please check with your doctor or fitness professional before starting an exercise program especially if you are recovering from an injury. Until next time, keep moving– because you CAN!!


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