A Journey Down the Well of Monsters and Disgusting Ugly Hate with Lou Reed

I was already feeling morose. I pulled up A Journey Down the Well’s “Sorry Monsters, I Have to Grow” and was listening to that along with Soko’s “The Destruction of the Disgusting Ugly Hate.” I was ready to indulge myself and make a play list for this monstrous black dog feeling before I went for a therapeutic walk in the woods. Then, I saw that Lou Reed had died. It hit me much harder than I would have ever dreamed. I actually cried. I couldn’t control the tears welling up. Wow. The tears took me by surprise. It took the wind out of me.

I admit I’ve been out of sorts for the last several days, letting stress get the better of me. I’ve followed my typical pattern that the overabundance Continue reading


My Partial Weight Bearing Debut and Crutchmata!

My oh, my! So much has happened since my last post and it’s been over a week since I’ve written. Where to begin? Obviously, I was extremely happy to get the news that I am healed and can begin walking on my foot. I over did it a bit the first day and my foot was a little sore on the 12th. That night, I made my debut partial weight bearing at the opening Continue reading

Standing On My Own Two Feet

I met with my surgeon yesterday. He completely blew my mind. He came in smiling and said, I want to show you your xrays you just had. I said, ok and looked at them. To me, they didn’t look all that different. I guess I do not have a future in radiology. He was beaming and told me they looked great! Do you see how the bones Continue reading

Lottery Results and Mental Illness Awareness Week

I imagine some of you are wondering—well, did she win the lottery like she said she would? The answer is sure to astound you. Are you ready for this? I don’t know, maybe you should sit down. Continue reading

Autumn, Art and Winning Big

Autumn in October is one of my favorite times of year. It wakes my senses to memories of pumpkin everything, dropping temperatures, clove cigarettes, cooking marathons, leaves changing color, crisping up and falling off trees, wood fires, days hushed by longer periods of darkness and gentle cool breezes carrying sounds of crickets through open windows to lull me to sleep at night. I do love autumn. When I lived in Boston Continue reading

Checking One Off The List and a Solo Outing

I did it for the first time last Sunday, on day 104. I did it again yesterday, on day 113. It still makes me feel all shaky and adrenaline charged after I do it. What on earth am I talking about? Number ninety on my list. Yes, I showered!! Twice now and it was a big deal both times. Why? Well, really, if you have to ask that, you just haven’t been paying attention!

My shower is not handicap equipped. It’s actually rather scary and Continue reading