My Partial Weight Bearing Debut and Crutchmata!

My oh, my! So much has happened since my last post and it’s been over a week since I’ve written. Where to begin? Obviously, I was extremely happy to get the news that I am healed and can begin walking on my foot. I over did it a bit the first day and my foot was a little sore on the 12th. That night, I made my debut partial weight bearing at the opening of a neighborhood theater production. It was heaps of fun and I laughed myself silly. It was only about four months ago when this production was in its conception and it was amazing to see what can happen when people work together on a common goal. I was really proud to see so many of my friends and neighbors donate their time, resources and talents to create this production. I had a fantastic time watching the play and then went out afterward and congratulated the players.

Monday morning, I finally found some new crutch handles. I bought them thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult to replace them. I took the old handle off and got the mother load of crutch dust. I had to get a toothpick to pick out the remnants of crutch out of the plastic part of the handle. On one side, I had completely worn through the rubber.

The mother load of crutch dust. I couldn't move the crutch at all without crutch dust leaking out. Here's why!

The mother load of crutch dust. I couldn’t move the crutch at all without crutch dust leaking out. Here’s why!

The new handles were very rigid and I had heck of a time getting them on the plastic handle. I pushed it on about half way and then it wouldn’t budge. I got down on my hands and knees and pressed my palms against the rubber part and the plastic part putting all my weight on it. It didn’t seem to move it. I bounced up and down on it hoping the momentum would help. It did for a while but then about three quarters of the way on, it wouldn’t budge.

The original crutch handle worn through.

The original crutch handle worn through.

I had read online in an Amazon review that using a rubber mallet was a solution for one person. My sister didn’t have a mallet but found a kind of rubber hammer. I managed to use it and my palm method, as well as a few choice words to coax new handle into place. I finally got it on after about 15 minutes and was quite proud of myself. I figured the second one shouldn’t be too hard since I mastered the first one. I figured wrong. I got the second one on about half way using my palms and then it wouldn’t move.

This guy's talents were definitely needed.

This guy’s talents were definitely needed.

Had I known I needed Thor’s magic hammer to get this on, I would’ve been calling his name out much louder rather than the other things I was shouting. It was ridiculously hard and I could not move it. I had to get it on because I still needed to use the crutches. I wasn’t full weight bearing. My frustration level was at an all time high and I asked my sister if she’d like to try. She couldn’t make it budge. In the spirit of Roy Scheider, I told her, we’re gonna need a bigger hammer.

She found something that looked like a mini sledge hammer. I said, well, what’s the worst that can happen, that I crack the plastic inside? We took turns hammering it on until it looked like it was flush with the rubber. I jammed it back into the crutch and put the bolt and screw on—finally! It was finished. The new crutch handles are quite hard and don’t give much. The great thing about them is that they don’t flake crutch dust all over the place every time I use them like before I changed them. This makes for much less vacuuming which is nice. The down side is, after all that vigorous pressing, I have what I now call the Crutchmata.

The first day of Crutchmata

The first day of Crutchmata

At the time, I was so determined to get the cover on, I didn’t realize  I made some quite red and angry marks on the palms of my hands. Now, just over a week later, they are finally starting to fade. So, if you ever wear out the handles of your crutches, make sure you have a big hammer, or at least a big, strong man like Thor to help you get them on in order to save yourself from Crutchmata!

I think that's a even bigger pile of crutch dust Thor is dealing with there.

I think that’s a even bigger pile of crutch dust Thor is dealing with there.

Crutchmata two days later.

Crutchmata two days later.


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