More Progress and Demolishing the List: Part One

Today I graduated on to new exercises in physiotherapy! Dan told me he thought I was ready for some new tricks and I said, great! I’m ready for whatever you have to throw at me. Most of it was one-legged balancing exercises, standing on my right leg on various wobble boards and unstable surfaces. It was a lot of fun. I really like doing balancing. I did my first full body strength training session on my own on Monday and I was still Continue reading


The Progress Post: 14 Off the List

Here’s an update on The List and a little description of how I am doing! I have crossed off 14 things thus far.

1. I want to walk.—I have been walking without a crutch most of the time now. I still sometimes use it if I am going to be on my foot for a long time. I do not walk without a limp yet. I am still nervous about being in public and someone stepping on me. I tend to Continue reading