The Progress Post: 14 Off the List

Here’s an update on The List and a little description of how I am doing! I have crossed off 14 things thus far.

1. I want to walk.—I have been walking without a crutch most of the time now. I still sometimes use it if I am going to be on my foot for a long time. I do not walk without a limp yet. I am still nervous about being in public and someone stepping on me. I tend to lift my right foot up when I feel threatened—like an animal reflex or something. I feel more comfortable if I have the boot on or if I have the crutch when I am in a crowd. It helps people know that I am not 100% and to give me some leeway. I did go to the grocery store the other day with no boot or crutch and did ok. I didn’t even park in the handicap space (they were all full) and had to walk a long distance. I know this may sound trivial, but just a few weeks ago I could not do this. To me, it’s a pretty big deal.

17. I want to drive.—I’ve been driving for several weeks now.

33. I want to point my toes. –I can point my toes quite well. My range of motion is much better than even two weeks ago.

34. I want to flex my toes. –Flexing has improved as well. It still needs quite a bit of work, as my midfoot is still quite tender and stiff. This is where the brunt of the injury occurred. I also think that perhaps the screws still being in my foot is influencing the range of motion. I’m working on this in physiotherapy.

36. I want to climb a ladder. –I’ve been climbing the ladder of my niece’s elevated bed to say goodnight to her the past three nights. It was imperative that Hocus Pocus be invoked! I wasn’t sure if I could do it so I tried and lo and behold—success. I find I surprise myself frequently these days with what I can do.

37. I want to wear shoes. –I’ve been wearing shoes now for several weeks. I am limited to only very flat shoes. I did wear a pair of boots out the other night with a slight elevation (not really even a heel) and my foot was not very appreciative of it. I really need to buy some new shoes. Alas, that will have to wait.

41. I want to stand balanced on my right foot. –I have been working on this in physiotherapy as well. I started off standing on one foot with eyes open on a foam pad to add instability for 30 seconds, and then progressed to eyes closed. I am now practicing standing on my right foot on a wobble board. This is really quite difficult and I cannot do it eyes closed yet. There are three different ways I practice: one is a wobble board that only goes forward and backward, the other is one that only goes side to side and the last is one that goes all directions. I do this six times for 20 seconds. My foot is usually quite tired and sore after this. It still needs quite a bit of strengthening before it is 100%. I have made heaps of progress in the past few weeks.

43. I want to do squats. –I first did squats about two weeks ago. My right leg was very weak and the squat was pretty pathetic. I have been working on strengthening it in PT and haven’t attempted squats since then. I am working on a full strength-training program to start tomorrow that includes yoga. I will do it on the days that I do not have physiotherapy.

57. I want to carry a package inside. –I have done this and I also have carried many, many very heavy boxes and moved them various places. More of this will happen in the very near future.

60. I want to stand and deliver. –I’m not exactly sure what I meant by this, but yes, I bring it. Every. Day. I have my ups and downs like anyone. I do the best that I am capable of on any given day. I am working on focusing my focus if that makes any sense at all.

63. I want to do warrior poses. –I did a yoga routine about two weeks ago that included warrior poses. I believe my flexibility has increased since then and I will be able to do these more successfully when I begin Monday.

73. I want to walk up and down stairs. –I can walk upstairs now and sort of walk downstairs. A few weeks ago I was only able to walk downstairs one foot at a time. I now can walk with one foot on one stair, instead of one foot and then the other but I have to sort of hop and place my right foot out on the stair unnaturally far. This is because the flexion in my right foot isn’t quite good enough to bear the weight of pressing off the stair. It gets better everyday though and I continue to test it and push it. It is easier if I’m warmed up so sometimes in the morning, I still take the stairs one at a time.

77. I want to pick up a pencil with my toes. –I tried this last week. I had no idea if I could do it or not and did it quite easily. I remember just a month ago I could barely move my toes and now I can pick up a pencil. (Actually it was a sharpie, but I figure that was close enough.)

And of course, #90, I want to take a shower. –You may remember the post on the shower and how thrilled I was to take my first shower. Also, how scary it was! Well, now it is not really very scary and I am able to stand on two feet. I am also able to get in the shower one foot at a time. I am still very careful as the shower is slick but it has become an almost normal thing to do again.

So that is 14 crossed off the list. I am really happy that I have accomplished these things and look forward to crossing more off the list. I’ve been incredibly busy these past few weeks. I am disappointed this has resulted in me failing to meet my goal of at least one post per week. Unfortunately, sometimes things must take a back seat to more pressing matters.

I still intend to keep my goal of at least one post per week. I don’t expect to become less busy. As a matter of fact, I expect to become much busier. I will simply need to adjust the way that I manage my time in order to fit in everything. Perhaps that won’t be so simple but I believe I am up to the task. I’ve made really profound progress these last few weeks. I have gone through the list and will be working on 38 things to cross off over the next few weeks. I will continue to share my progress and the stories that come with it.


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