More Progress and Demolishing the List: Part One

Today I graduated on to new exercises in physiotherapy! Dan told me he thought I was ready for some new tricks and I said, great! I’m ready for whatever you have to throw at me. Most of it was one-legged balancing exercises, standing on my right leg on various wobble boards and unstable surfaces. It was a lot of fun. I really like doing balancing. I did my first full body strength training session on my own on Monday and I was still experiencing DOMS today. (I probably over did it—yeah, big surprise from Ms. Some-is-good-more-is-better, eh?) The new exercises today in physio were really fatiguing my leg due in part from still being sore from my workout on Monday. I’m looking forward to mastering the new exercises in the upcoming weeks. Here’s a look at some of the things I believe I will be crossing off the list soon:

6. Walk on a balance beam—I’ll need to find a balance beam, first. Then I will walk on it. I imagine it will be somewhat nerve wracking but I do believe I can do this. I may want someone with me to spot me so I don’t have to jump off of it. Jumping is not allowed. Yet.

8. Kayak—I could do this if I had a kayak. The only question is, what kind—sea, recreational or whitewater? Ok, ok, I’d have to take lessons to whitewater or end up with another horrific injury. That seems like it’d be the most fun. I’ve only done sea before so I’m up for anything. I’ll have to look into renting one so I can cross this off the list. And while we’re at it, you can check out this video

of the amazing Ben Brown conquering Huka Falls in New Zealand. Having seen Huka Falls in person, it is pretty amazing this guy paddled these falls. They are fast and furious and just looking over the bridge at them made me a little dizzy and weak in the knees. Although, looking at Ben Brown pretty much has the same effect! Who doesn’t love a Kiwi accent? I need to go back to New Zealand.

12. Do a back bend. –I tried this Monday and I do not have the muscular strength to do it yet. I will try again at a later date.

14. Make footprints in the sand. –I could definitely do this if I had some sand to make footprints in. Who would like to go on a warm, sunny beach vacation with me to take photos of my footprints?

15. Swim –Again, I am able to swim now, I just need the warm, sunny beach.

21. Downward dog. –I did my first real downward dog Monday! Woo hoo! Looking forward to doing many more regularly. I am still very tight so I will need to work on my flexibility and strength over the next few months to return to normal or even better, improve!

22. Dig my feet into the earth. –I must have been thinking of the beach when I made this list. I would need a beach to do this as well, or perhaps just some nice, warm, loose volcanic soil. Either way, a warm, sunny place to relax and work on my physical fitness sounds really good right about now.

24. Row –I am definitely capable of rowing now. Ideally… well, you know…on that lovely sunny beach. Barring that, I’d take this machine. So if you have an extra grand that you’d like to spend, please feel free to buy it for me.

27. Lunges –I did lunges Monday!! Yay me! I did normal lunges with my right leg but had to modify with my left as my right foot still is not strong or flexible enough to bend at the ball of my foot like it needs to do a lunge. I’m working on it, though!

28. Muscular equity—I’ve been working hard for the last three weeks on strengthening my right leg. It’s made much progress. There is still plenty of work to be done. I am hoping that doing this new strength training in addition to physiotherapy will help speed that process. Today’s new exercises showed me I still have a long way to go.

29. Swing kettle bells. –Well, well, well, I think kettle bells on the beach would be fun! I’ll have to add this to the yes, I can do it and would like to on the warm, sunny beach, please!

30. Twerk—Thanks to the internets, I found Tweety

and she showed me how to twerk. The fact is, I am physically able to do it now, so it’s OFF THE LIST! I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for my newest twerk video or expecting me to bust out my twerking moves the next time you see me. (Not even on the beach. Heh.)

32. Walk barefoot on moss. –I could definitely do this and would prefer to walk through the moss forests of New Zealand. They have spectacular moss!!

A moss covered log in New Zealand

A moss covered log in New Zealand

38. Walk in the rain.—The next time it rains, I reckon I better get out there and walk in it, as long as it’s not too cold. You know a fantastic place I walked in the rain? Yep, New Zealand. I have a bit of a desire for travel right now in case you couldn’t tell.

Being silly in a tree on my rain soaked hike on Pororari River Track.

Being silly in a tree on my rain soaked hike on Pororari River Track.

Loved this walk in the rain! That was a perma-grin.

Loved this walk in the rain! That was a perma-grin.

47. Walk to a friend’s house. –This one is going to take a little time, as I don’t think I have any friends that I can make the walk to their house yet. Progress is being made everyday! So, watch out, I may just walk by your house one of these days.

48. Walk whilst gazing at the stars. –I could do this, as long as I had someone to hold on to, as I would be afraid of tripping and hurting myself again. So, I’ll have to see if Ben is available. And thanks to the power of the internet, I’ve found another Ben Brown who I wouldn’t mind accompanying me as well. He’s a surf skier from London. Stargazing is much more fun with someone else anyway.

The other Ben Brown. I'd star gaze with him!

The other Ben Brown. I’d star gaze with him!

50. Bungee jump. –Well what would be better than to go back to New Zealand and jump again? I know, going some extraordinary place I’ve never been and jumping there. I’m ready!

53. Cook for hours. –This will be happening in the next few days as I have nothing in my house to eat currently. I’ve been slack on cooking. I think I prefer to cooking with/for other people. I’ve noticed I’m not as enthusiastic if it is just me. Dinner, anyone?

62. Ride my bike around town. –I wasn’t sure about this one so today I asked Dan, my physio man, if I can ride a bike. He asked if I was going to be clipped in or anything like that and I said no. He told me as long as I use common sense it should be ok. I should probably ice after I do it as with really any exertion of my foot. So, I guess I’m going to be busting out the old bike and taking it for a spin!

There is a part two of this intermediate list that I will be posting soon. I went through the list and picked out what I believe I can do in the next few weeks and this was only half of it. Clearly, I need to go on a beach vacation so I can cross these things off! Since I don’t have any vacations planned yet, I will focus on the ones that I can do in the freezing cold. As always, I’ll keep you updated! Let me know if you want to be a partner in crime for any of these. You can witness history being made! Until then, I’ll be wishing on shooting stars.


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