Walking at 3 MPH; Life Going at 100 MPH

It seems I’ve forgotten how to blog. I haven’t written in almost a month. Mostly because my life has been exploding with opportunities to work, many social events and meeting new people. It has been really fantastic to be so busy and out participating in the world. I hope this momentum will keep up well into the New Year. In order for me to be able to participate, I must Continue reading


More Demolition of the List and TWO Workouts!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I apologize for not meeting my goal of posting once a week. My life is filling up now that I’m off the couch and there is not as much time for writing. Nevertheless, here is the second part of busting out the list PLUS two workouts!! Enjoy!

65. Hula-hoop—I tried this at my sister’s house last week. I can do it but for whatever reason was not able to do it well. I will have to work on this, as it was something that I really wanted to do pre-accident. I want to take some hooping classes!

70. Do it all standing on two feet. –I guess I can Continue reading