More Demolition of the List and TWO Workouts!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I apologize for not meeting my goal of posting once a week. My life is filling up now that I’m off the couch and there is not as much time for writing. Nevertheless, here is the second part of busting out the list PLUS two workouts!! Enjoy!

65. Hula-hoop—I tried this at my sister’s house last week. I can do it but for whatever reason was not able to do it well. I will have to work on this, as it was something that I really wanted to do pre-accident. I want to take some hooping classes!

70. Do it all standing on two feet. –I guess I can cross this off the list. I’m doing pretty much whatever requires two feet now on two feet!

74. Skeet shoot. –I believe I know a gentleman or two that would be willing to help me out on this one! If you’re reading then: Hello, call me, maybe? 😉 

78. Walk down the up escalator. –I’ll be able to cross this one off when I master going down stairs. Still not there yet, but very close! I could totally go up the down escalator.

70. Wheel my bag through the airport to somewhere fabulous. –I did wheel my bag through the airport but it was mostly in a wheelchair. A little over a month ago I flew to Boston. My well-traveled friend suggested I request special assistance and it was a brilliant idea because I would have been late for my flight had I not. I would have had to walk at least a mile to get to the gate. I am looking forward to my next trip! Hopefully it will be somewhere out of the country, beautiful, exciting, and new and sooner rather than later. Really, I’ll go anywhere though! Anyone have an extra ticket somewhere? I’m your girl!

81. Snorkel in the ocean. –Gotta get to an ocean and this is fully doable.

83. Sun salutations. –Done! Yay! Yoga is spectacular!

84. Crab walk. –Yep, I can do this.

85. Bear walk. –Ditto what I said with the Crab Walk.

86. Mountain bike. –I have a little trepidation about doing this. I read that some people have sustained a Lisfranc injury whilst mountain biking. The fact that my bike is 20 plus years old does not bode well for doing anything even slightly technical, as it has no shocks. Once I can bike around town with confidence, I will see about upgrading my bike and taking to the trails. And then, you can all see my Maori eyes when I shoot down to the end of a particularly scary a trail!

88. Tumble. –I can do a somersault. Woo!

89. Balance on a curb. –Oh, my! Why did I have to include this? I know why, because curbs are my nemesis and I must face my fears. A curb is what started this whole injury and recovery. I know I can do this. Challenge accepted. Perhaps video is needed.

92. Play charades. –I guess I will need to do a charade party or something. Yeah, I could definitely participate in charades. Who likes charades?

93. Do Indoboard exercises. –I rocked this out a few times and have now created a Bosu ball workout as well! I did 3 sets of 12 reps of my Indoboard workout. It was quite challenging but I was able to get through the entire workout! Here it is:

All exercises: 12 reps each, alternating. (Supersets) Repeat 3 times.

Push ups

Bridges on stability ball

<REPEAT x 3>

Bicep curls on Indoboard

Squats on Indoboard

<REPEAT x 3>

Military (overhead) press on Indoboard

Lunges ( I had to do modified lunges on my left leg because my right foot still cannot bend properly to flex to do a lunge. The side lunge in the Bosu workout helps with this deficiency.)

<REPEAT x 3>

Side raises on Indoboard

Bent over rows

<REPEAT x 3>

Laying tricep extensions on ball

Chest press on ball

<REPEAT x 3>

Plank on ball

Supermans on ball

<REPEAT x 3>


And the Bosu ball workout (which is very similar) but I did 2 supersets of 15 reps instead.

Squats on Bosu

Pushups on Bosu

<REPEAT x 2>

Step-ups on Bosu

Plank on Bosu for 45 seconds (or more)

<REPEAT x 2>

Bicycle on Bosu

Side Lunges on Bosu

<REPEAT x 2>

Dumbbell row while on Bosu and one leg up

Laying tricep extensions on Bosu

<REPEAT x 2>

Flys on Bosu

Crunches on Bosu

<REPEAT x 2>

Hip raises on Bosu

Toe raises

<REPEAT x 2>


94. Climb on a jungle gym. – I haven’t had a chance to do this yet.

95. Walk through a festival. –I did this with the nieces about a month ago. We went to one of the plethora of festivals in Atlanta. The best part was I got a really good parking place. I did take my crutch and it was a good thing because I had to first walk about half a mile and then the festival was on grass and gravel and so the ground was uneven. I don’t think it would have been a good idea to go ‘naked’. There were several people, children and dogs around so I did find myself lifting up my leg when I thought I might be stepped on! It was a good time AND I got to cross something off the list!! I also went to my first crutch free event about two weeks ago. It was a little scary to be on my own two feet but great to see everyone and be crutch free!

96. Do whatever I please with the greatest of ease. –This is another motto of mine like “some is good, more is better.” I am working on the greatest of ease part right now—as always, really. I’ve had some difficulty transitioning from being extremely dependent to being independent. I’ve had some bumps along the way and I need to iron more than a few things out but I think I’m making really great progress on all fronts! My list is dwindling faster than I thought it would and I am already making other lists for challenges that go beyond my physical recovery. Things are really heating up in many areas of my life and I’m ready to stand and deliver! I will keep you updated!


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