Some Perspective on This Week

It has been a tough week this week. Don’t get me wrong; many things have gone absolutely wonderfully. There are opportunities popping up that are quite amazing and unexpected. I am thankful for them even if they do give me the willies and I will have to make some big decisions in the next few months. Most of the difficulty this week comes from my foot.

I had surgery to get my hardware removed—three screws—last Friday 1/17/13. If you read that blog, you know that my surgeon told me that I could walk out of the hospital after surgery. It’s been a week and I’ve had pain every day. Not just a little pain, quite a lot of pain. Enough pain that I am still taking Percocet or Vicodin because Continue reading


Musings After Surgery, I am Not a Noun, Resolutions

01/17/2014: FRIDAY PM: I get home from surgery and gingerly hop and shuffle to the back room to retrieve my old friends, the CRUTCHES! Fortunately, since I changed out the handles, I will not be reunited with the messy offspring of crutch dust. I had a strong suspicion that I would not be walking out of surgery and around the house like I normally do despite what my surgeon predicted. As soon as I came out of anesthesia, my foot hurt. I was visited by a few of the wicked electric jolts before sweet Glenda gave me the Fentanyl. Thank goodness for painkillers!

In general, I would say I have a pretty high pain threshold. I’ve been in pain everyday for the past 8 months, ranging, on a scale Continue reading

Hardware Removal Surgery Update Part 1

So here I am, back on the couch, foot elevated. And what better thing to do than to update my blog? I had surgery yesterday to take my hardware out. I arrived at 9:45AM, fifteen minutes before my 10AM appointment and checked in and had a seat in one of the comfortable club chairs in the lobby. I had brought a magazine and had my cell phone so figured I would amuse myself with those while I waited. A half an hour went by and nothing. I was freezing so my mom said I could use her coat. I curled up underneath it and read. After an hour, I went back up to reception and asked what was going on. They said they knew I was there, things must be taking longer than usual. I said, ok and sat back down.

I caught up on Facebook since I hadn’t been on it most of the week and read some of my magazine. By the second hour, Continue reading