The Anniversary Post

It’s my one year anniversary today. Last year at this time I was driving myself home crying and hoping I hadn’t just done something horrible to my foot. I knew I had.

I’ve learned in the last year to pay attention to my intuition. It is right most–if not all–of the time.

This is my first post written right in WordPress–no editing, just writing right in the ‘Add New Post’ section. I thought I might have something prolific to say today. Currently, I am too exhausted to write prolifically. It’s raining outside now. Hard. Wind. Thunder. Lightning. A storm is passing over literally and metaphorically. It has for a long time now. I am weathering it. Metamorphosis is happening. There is more to say, now is not the time to write it.

So, that’s my anniversary post. The shortest and least thought out ever. Thank you for reading, whomever you are. I am amazed that I have over 3,100 views from 43 different countries. I would never have imagined my words reaching so many people so far and wide. It’s really amazing. I’m ready for more.

Happy Anniversary, Lisfranc.


A creative piece: The Phoenix

I’ve been having a rather difficult time as of late and have not been able to write an update to my last post. I have put it on my list of priorities and will have a post for you soon. I appreciate all the readers that come here to see what I am up to and how my recovery is going. This afternoon I am posting a creative piece I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it.  Continue reading