Welcome and thank you for visiting! My name is Jenny and this is my very first blog. I began writing this with the hope that I may be able to help someone in a similar situation and to share my experiences of coping with a severe injury. During the last eight months, this blog has morphed into its own creation and is about many different aspects of my life, including my injury. My surgeon told me that apart from a lawn mowing accident, a Lisfranc injury is the worst thing you can do to your foot. It has been a long process and there is much more road to travel. My foot has finally healed and am beginning the second stage of recovery.

It has been eight months since my injury and seven months since my first surgery to repair the injury. On January 17th I had my last surgery to remove the hardware and begin the last step toward a full recovery. I was on crutches non weight bearing for a total of 18 weeks. I have been going to physiotherapy for the past two months and right before this last surgery I started controlled jumping. After I heal from the hardware removal, I will go back to physiotherapy and begin a program to get back to running.

As I adjust to this new phase of mobility and the flood of activity that has become my life, I will continue sharing my progress and musings. This is a really exciting and whirlwind time. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what will come next. I hope you follow in the adventure!


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