Rehab a New Way: How to Rebuild Your Life

This update has been rolling around in my head and it is high time to publish it! I want to get this information out there as I have started a new, busy time in my life. First, let us revisit the foot, the reason I started this blog. As I have written before, I am able to do much of what I sought to do after my surgery. I still cannot run nor can I bend my foot completely into a lunge without a little help first. I can lunge; I just can’t yet step back into a full lunge. I also can run, make that jog, sort of. At the end of the year I began experimenting with adding short intervals of jogging on the treadmill so I could control the surface and speed. I only got up to about 5 minutes of running and not consecutively. I would run one minute and then walk 30 seconds. This is progress! Ultimately, I’d like to be able to sprint. I’ve been more focused on walking, and strength and mobility training than running. (Or jogging, I should really say!) I believe I could build up to jog a 5k later this year. I may work that in to my longer-term goals. Continue reading


Keep Moving Forward

Allow me to share with you a little something I did yesterday. It was perhaps not the wisest decision and definitely not well thought out, but it was quite an accomplishment by the time I finished. According to my Fitbit, I walked 37,848 steps. No, that’s not a type-o. Continue reading

The Lisfranc Progression

I’m back! The last time I wrote I was not in a good place. My foot was troubling me and I was experiencing the beginning of some other serious health problems. True to my nature, I retreated to care for myself and am reemerging now that I am getting better. Allow me to pick up where I left off.

I saw my surgeon on the 9th of May. He examined my foot and listened to my concerns. He basically said that the healing process takes time. (Something that he has been telling me all along.) It takes more time since it is my foot, an extremity, and blood tends to naturally pool in the foot and not circulate as much as non-extremities. Therefore, Continue reading

The Anniversary Post

It’s my one year anniversary today. Last year at this time I was driving myself home crying and hoping I hadn’t just done something horrible to my foot. I knew I had.

I’ve learned in the last year to pay attention to my intuition. It is right most–if not all–of the time.

This is my first post written right in WordPress–no editing, just writing right in the ‘Add New Post’ section. I thought I might have something prolific to say today. Currently, I am too exhausted to write prolifically. It’s raining outside now. Hard. Wind. Thunder. Lightning. A storm is passing over literally and metaphorically. It has for a long time now. I am weathering it. Metamorphosis is happening. There is more to say, now is not the time to write it.

So, that’s my anniversary post. The shortest and least thought out ever. Thank you for reading, whomever you are. I am amazed that I have over 3,100 views from 43 different countries. I would never have imagined my words reaching so many people so far and wide. It’s really amazing. I’m ready for more.

Happy Anniversary, Lisfranc.

More Progress and Demolishing the List: Part One

Today I graduated on to new exercises in physiotherapy! Dan told me he thought I was ready for some new tricks and I said, great! I’m ready for whatever you have to throw at me. Most of it was one-legged balancing exercises, standing on my right leg on various wobble boards and unstable surfaces. It was a lot of fun. I really like doing balancing. I did my first full body strength training session on my own on Monday and I was still Continue reading

A Journey Down the Well of Monsters and Disgusting Ugly Hate with Lou Reed

I was already feeling morose. I pulled up A Journey Down the Well’s “Sorry Monsters, I Have to Grow” and was listening to that along with Soko’s “The Destruction of the Disgusting Ugly Hate.” I was ready to indulge myself and make a play list for this monstrous black dog feeling before I went for a therapeutic walk in the woods. Then, I saw that Lou Reed had died. It hit me much harder than I would have ever dreamed. I actually cried. I couldn’t control the tears welling up. Wow. The tears took me by surprise. It took the wind out of me.

I admit I’ve been out of sorts for the last several days, letting stress get the better of me. I’ve followed my typical pattern that the overabundance Continue reading

Autumn, Art and Winning Big

Autumn in October is one of my favorite times of year. It wakes my senses to memories of pumpkin everything, dropping temperatures, clove cigarettes, cooking marathons, leaves changing color, crisping up and falling off trees, wood fires, days hushed by longer periods of darkness and gentle cool breezes carrying sounds of crickets through open windows to lull me to sleep at night. I do love autumn. When I lived in Boston Continue reading