The Lisfranc Progression

I’m back! The last time I wrote I was not in a good place. My foot was troubling me and I was experiencing the beginning of some other serious health problems. True to my nature, I retreated to care for myself and am reemerging now that I am getting better. Allow me to pick up where I left off.

I saw my surgeon on the 9th of May. He examined my foot and listened to my concerns. He basically said that the healing process takes time. (Something that he has been telling me all along.) It takes more time since it is my foot, an extremity, and blood tends to naturally pool in the foot and not circulate as much as non-extremities. Therefore, Continue reading


Eulogy for Holly

Deb and Holly

Deb and Holly

Yesterday a beautiful soul left this world. I met her in Paris, 2003. I thought Deb was a little nutty for getting a dog while living in another country, but Holly soon won me over with her sweet demeanor and a certain clever look she would give you. Holly4 I watched as she grew and was no longer able to fit in her favorite space inside the bus locker. Holly  bookcase She was a well-traveled dog, had a doggie passport and made the trip to the US to live. Continue reading

Physical Therapy and Getting the Screws Put to Me

(A little poetic license here as it was actually Tuesday, Feb 18 when I wrote this.)

I went to physical therapy today. It was like getting kicked in the nards. And maybe even like someone harikiri-ing me. I’m not sure, as I haven’t ever experienced either of those things. I do know the pain of being at one point when I left PT and coming back way below that level. Pain. Physical, emotional and mental was abundant. It’s really difficult not to harden up and be resentful. I tried softening into it and flowing thought the brick wall I was facing instead of ramming myself into it. This whole process of healing has been a great lesson in patience and humility. Every time I think I am making progress, it seems like there is a set back.

That is the small picture. In the big picture, Continue reading

Post Surgery Happenings

I found out the Magic 8 Ball was a big, fat liar. I was fine after surgery. I didn’t die. If I did, no one has informed me yet. I was a little out of it at first. When I woke up, I started crying. This was really weird for me as I’m not a ‘crier’ and I didn’t know what was happening with me. The nurse came over and asked if I was in pain. I told her I didn’t know. I tried to focus and see how I felt and most importantly, stop crying. I thought, at least I’m not moaning owwwww, and laughed a little. I looked down and my foot was all covered in blankets. I think I felt okay. My sister came in and she said they told her it went really well. I kept asking her if they really did it and if she was lying to me. I just remember feeling really confused and that I kept asking if she was telling me the truth. Continue reading

Pre-surgery Preparation

I remember the days leading up to my surgery day. I was nervous about having a stranger cut open my body, root around in my foot and put metal screws in my bones. Not something that was ever on the ‘Things I’d Like to Experience’ list. Although, neither was the Lisfranc injury. I was grateful I was diagnosed correctly and the prognosis after surgery was good. (Still am grateful for that!) I focused on what I had control over and that was preparing for the surgery and my aftercare. What did that involve, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Continue reading