Pain, Lamentations and the Phoenix…

Hi ho, friends, it’s been a long time and I’m here with an update on the foot and whatnot: I’ve just arrived home and Vlad is out on the back porch caterwauling and I am feeling the same inside. I had a wonderful afternoon with unexpected graciousness from co-workers and friends; followed by a delicious dinner with other wonderful friends. So, why would I feel like caterwauling? My foot. Let me start at the beginning—well, at least the beginning of today.

What the hell?

What the hell?

I woke somewhat sleepily but early enough to know that I could fit my HIIT session in today even though I didn’t really want to do it. I got up anyway, put my workout clothes on and walked up to the clubhouse. I saw my neighbor that let me borrow the knee
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Eulogy for Holly

Deb and Holly

Deb and Holly

Yesterday a beautiful soul left this world. I met her in Paris, 2003. I thought Deb was a little nutty for getting a dog while living in another country, but Holly soon won me over with her sweet demeanor and a certain clever look she would give you. Holly4 I watched as she grew and was no longer able to fit in her favorite space inside the bus locker. Holly  bookcase She was a well-traveled dog, had a doggie passport and made the trip to the US to live. Continue reading

Physical Therapy and Getting the Screws Put to Me

(A little poetic license here as it was actually Tuesday, Feb 18 when I wrote this.)

I went to physical therapy today. It was like getting kicked in the nards. And maybe even like someone harikiri-ing me. I’m not sure, as I haven’t ever experienced either of those things. I do know the pain of being at one point when I left PT and coming back way below that level. Pain. Physical, emotional and mental was abundant. It’s really difficult not to harden up and be resentful. I tried softening into it and flowing thought the brick wall I was facing instead of ramming myself into it. This whole process of healing has been a great lesson in patience and humility. Every time I think I am making progress, it seems like there is a set back.

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Some Perspective on This Week

It has been a tough week this week. Don’t get me wrong; many things have gone absolutely wonderfully. There are opportunities popping up that are quite amazing and unexpected. I am thankful for them even if they do give me the willies and I will have to make some big decisions in the next few months. Most of the difficulty this week comes from my foot.

I had surgery to get my hardware removed—three screws—last Friday 1/17/13. If you read that blog, you know that my surgeon told me that I could walk out of the hospital after surgery. It’s been a week and I’ve had pain every day. Not just a little pain, quite a lot of pain. Enough pain that I am still taking Percocet or Vicodin because Continue reading

Musings After Surgery, I am Not a Noun, Resolutions

01/17/2014: FRIDAY PM: I get home from surgery and gingerly hop and shuffle to the back room to retrieve my old friends, the CRUTCHES! Fortunately, since I changed out the handles, I will not be reunited with the messy offspring of crutch dust. I had a strong suspicion that I would not be walking out of surgery and around the house like I normally do despite what my surgeon predicted. As soon as I came out of anesthesia, my foot hurt. I was visited by a few of the wicked electric jolts before sweet Glenda gave me the Fentanyl. Thank goodness for painkillers!

In general, I would say I have a pretty high pain threshold. I’ve been in pain everyday for the past 8 months, ranging, on a scale Continue reading

Hardware Removal Surgery Update Part 1

So here I am, back on the couch, foot elevated. And what better thing to do than to update my blog? I had surgery yesterday to take my hardware out. I arrived at 9:45AM, fifteen minutes before my 10AM appointment and checked in and had a seat in one of the comfortable club chairs in the lobby. I had brought a magazine and had my cell phone so figured I would amuse myself with those while I waited. A half an hour went by and nothing. I was freezing so my mom said I could use her coat. I curled up underneath it and read. After an hour, I went back up to reception and asked what was going on. They said they knew I was there, things must be taking longer than usual. I said, ok and sat back down.

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Walking at 3 MPH; Life Going at 100 MPH

It seems I’ve forgotten how to blog. I haven’t written in almost a month. Mostly because my life has been exploding with opportunities to work, many social events and meeting new people. It has been really fantastic to be so busy and out participating in the world. I hope this momentum will keep up well into the New Year. In order for me to be able to participate, I must Continue reading