Run, Run, Run!

Another update is in order as I’ve made great strides with the rehabilitation of my foot in the past few weeks. (Yes, pun intended—always!) The big news is: I’ve started running! This is something I doubted I would be able to do. In fact, a year ago at this time, I was still going to physical therapy after getting my screws removed and feeling pretty frustrated. I was at the point where I thought I would always be in pain and never able to run again. I will admit I do have daily discomfort with my foot. It is mostly sore or stiff rather than the pain I used to have. It has become the norm and I have learned to live with it. I have found that when I am inactive, it gets just as sore as when I am active so why not be active and enjoy the things I love to do? Which brings us back to running. Continue reading


What the Crutch? Tips and Stories About My Friends!

Crutches get a bad rap. I am here to proclaim: I LIKE crutches. Obviously, if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t be using them at all. Since I am only able to use one foot to get around, I think crutches are, by far, the best way to do it. This isn’t my first time being tripedal. I had to use crutches about 7 years ago when I had a stress fracture. Yes, it was my right foot back then too—poor foot. I only had to use the crutches for about two weeks before I was able to amble around in just a boot. The worst part was I was in college and carrying around a heavy backpack whilst crutching from class to class can get tiring pretty quickly.

I’ve been on crutches for twelve weeks now. I’ve read many blogs where people curse their crutches and say they hurt their arms or they find them awkward. If they are hurting the underside of your arms, your armpits, you are crutching wrong. All of your weight should be on your hands, not your armpits. There are nerves in your underarms that can be damaged if you put pressure on them so do be careful of this. No need to cause more injury! I had to adjust the handles when I got home from the ER. They had them right in the middle of the five holes and I needed them to move up one peg. I found that when I first started crutching, the muscles in the heels of my hands got a little sore. This was to be expected, as with any muscle that you don’t use frequently.

I'm pointing to where the handles originally were. Don't be afraid to adjust-- it's very easy.

I’m pointing to where the handles originally were. Don’t be afraid to adjust– it’s very easy.

I don’t find the crutches awkward. Yes, I have fallen, twice, and it sucked both times. The first time Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness, Scootering to the Mail

Last week, I was crutching outside to wait for my sister to pick me up and a neighbor saw me as he was walking his dog and asked me what happened. I told him my truncated version: I broke my foot, tore some tendons and had to have surgery. He asked how long I’d be on crutches. I told him for at least the next 8-9 weeks. He then graciously offered to lend me his knee scooter. Wow! I thought, what an awesome random act of kindness.

This is the fancy knee scooter my neighbor let me borrow. I hope we all take advantage of the opportunity to offer random acts of kindness to each other!

This is the fancy knee scooter my neighbor let me borrow. I hope we all take advantage of the opportunity to offer random acts of kindness to each other!

Yesterday, I decided to use the knee scooter to scooter up to the clubhouse and get the mail. I couldn’t remember where the handicapped ramp was to get up from the curb. As I got closer to the clubhouse, I scanned all the sidewalks and couldn’t find it. Finally, I saw where it was—right next to a visitor parking space where someone had parked. Handicap access FAIL! I scooted up as close as I could and stopped, trying to figure out how I was going to get up on the sidewalk. Continue reading