Rehab a New Way: How to Rebuild Your Life

This update has been rolling around in my head and it is high time to publish it! I want to get this information out there as I have started a new, busy time in my life. First, let us revisit the foot, the reason I started this blog. As I have written before, I am able to do much of what I sought to do after my surgery. I still cannot run nor can I bend my foot completely into a lunge without a little help first. I can lunge; I just can’t yet step back into a full lunge. I also can run, make that jog, sort of. At the end of the year I began experimenting with adding short intervals of jogging on the treadmill so I could control the surface and speed. I only got up to about 5 minutes of running and not consecutively. I would run one minute and then walk 30 seconds. This is progress! Ultimately, I’d like to be able to sprint. I’ve been more focused on walking, and strength and mobility training than running. (Or jogging, I should really say!) I believe I could build up to jog a 5k later this year. I may work that in to my longer-term goals. Continue reading


Coursera, Generating Income, Making Magic, Volunteering and the Spice Girls

One might think that being caged up in my house a large portion of the week would drive me absolutely bonkers. At times, it does! Today I am not going to delve into those times when I’m crazier than a shit house rat. These past few months I have worked on several ways to keep the insanity to a minimum. I’ve put in place many different activities in order to keep my body, mind and spirit challenged and stimulated. There is never a lack of things on my To Do list. I’ve shared my workout with you already. What else do I do with my time? I’d be happy to let you know! Continue reading