Run, Run, Run!

Another update is in order as I’ve made great strides with the rehabilitation of my foot in the past few weeks. (Yes, pun intended—always!) The big news is: I’ve started running! This is something I doubted I would be able to do. In fact, a year ago at this time, I was still going to physical therapy after getting my screws removed and feeling pretty frustrated. I was at the point where I thought I would always be in pain and never able to run again. I will admit I do have daily discomfort with my foot. It is mostly sore or stiff rather than the pain I used to have. It has become the norm and I have learned to live with it. I have found that when I am inactive, it gets just as sore as when I am active so why not be active and enjoy the things I love to do? Which brings us back to running. Continue reading


101 Things I Want: Part One

In my last post, I wrote that I would answer this question: What do I want? Physically, what I want and can’t do right now permeates my mind. It tortures and excites me at the same time! The first and foremost is: I want to PRONK! I want to spend an entire day pronking like a Springbok! If you don’t know what that is (and I didn’t until a few weeks ago) you MUST check it out! (The BBC took down their video from You Tube for some reason so I can’t embed it here so please go here instead to watch this amazing scene!) If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, make your heart flutter a little and generally have you feeling joyful, you simply weren’t paying attention.

Here are another 100 things I want to do:

  1. I want to walk.
  2. I want to jump.
  3. I want to hike.
  4. I want to do my Circus Arts class.
  5. I want to climb a rock wall.
  6. I want to walk a balance beam.
  7. I want to fly through the air on a zip line.
  8. I want to kayak.
  9. I want to dance.
  10. I want to stand up paddleboard.
  11. I want to surf.
  12. I want to do a back bend.
  13. I want to climb a tree.
  14. I want to make footprints in the sand.
  15. I want to swim.
  16. I want to run.
  17. I want to drive.
  18. I want to wakeboard.
  19. I want to jump off a cliff and into the water.
  20. I want to walk dogs.
  21. I want to downward dog.
  22. I want to dig my feet into the earth.
  23. I want to jump rope.
  24. I want to row.
  25. I want to do burpees—nah, maybe not.
  26. I want to run through the woods.
  27. I want to do lunges.
  28. I want to have muscular equity.
  29. I want to swing kettlebells.
  30. I want to twerk? Or at least have the option to do so.
  31.  I want to hike—did I say that already? Ok, how about backpacking then.
  32. I want to walk barefoot on moss.
  33. I want to point my toes.
  34.  I want to flex my toes.
  35. I want to stand on my tippy toes.
  36. I want to climb a ladder.
  37. I want to wear shoes.
  38. I want to walk in the rain. (Barefoot would be nice.)
  39. I want to sit with my feet tucked under me.
  40. I want to do a cartwheel.
  41.  I want to stand balanced on my right foot.
  42.  I want to go camping.
  43. I want to do squats.
  44. I want to walk in the mud.
  45. I want to wade through a stream.
  46. I want to jump from rock to rock.
  47.  I want to walk to a friend’s house.
  48. I want to walk whilst gazing at the stars.
  49. I want to do child’s pose.
  50. I want to bungee jump

And it’d be great to do it here again:

Whenever I watch that it never fails to make me smile and remember the ecstatic feeling I had after jumping. Next, we’ll find out the next 50 things I want to do…