Keep Moving Forward

Allow me to share with you a little something I did yesterday. It was perhaps not the wisest decision and definitely not well thought out, but it was quite an accomplishment by the time I finished. According to my Fitbit, I walked 37,848 steps. No, that’s not a type-o. Continue reading


The Lisfranc Progression

I’m back! The last time I wrote I was not in a good place. My foot was troubling me and I was experiencing the beginning of some other serious health problems. True to my nature, I retreated to care for myself and am reemerging now that I am getting better. Allow me to pick up where I left off.

I saw my surgeon on the 9th of May. He examined my foot and listened to my concerns. He basically said that the healing process takes time. (Something that he has been telling me all along.) It takes more time since it is my foot, an extremity, and blood tends to naturally pool in the foot and not circulate as much as non-extremities. Therefore, Continue reading

Walking at 3 MPH; Life Going at 100 MPH

It seems I’ve forgotten how to blog. I haven’t written in almost a month. Mostly because my life has been exploding with opportunities to work, many social events and meeting new people. It has been really fantastic to be so busy and out participating in the world. I hope this momentum will keep up well into the New Year. In order for me to be able to participate, I must Continue reading

Standing On My Own Two Feet

I met with my surgeon yesterday. He completely blew my mind. He came in smiling and said, I want to show you your xrays you just had. I said, ok and looked at them. To me, they didn’t look all that different. I guess I do not have a future in radiology. He was beaming and told me they looked great! Do you see how the bones Continue reading

101 Things I Want: Part One

In my last post, I wrote that I would answer this question: What do I want? Physically, what I want and can’t do right now permeates my mind. It tortures and excites me at the same time! The first and foremost is: I want to PRONK! I want to spend an entire day pronking like a Springbok! If you don’t know what that is (and I didn’t until a few weeks ago) you MUST check it out! (The BBC took down their video from You Tube for some reason so I can’t embed it here so please go here instead to watch this amazing scene!) If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, make your heart flutter a little and generally have you feeling joyful, you simply weren’t paying attention.

Here are another 100 things I want to do:

  1. I want to walk.
  2. I want to jump.
  3. I want to hike.
  4. I want to do my Circus Arts class.
  5. I want to climb a rock wall.
  6. I want to walk a balance beam.
  7. I want to fly through the air on a zip line.
  8. I want to kayak.
  9. I want to dance.
  10. I want to stand up paddleboard.
  11. I want to surf.
  12. I want to do a back bend.
  13. I want to climb a tree.
  14. I want to make footprints in the sand.
  15. I want to swim.
  16. I want to run.
  17. I want to drive.
  18. I want to wakeboard.
  19. I want to jump off a cliff and into the water.
  20. I want to walk dogs.
  21. I want to downward dog.
  22. I want to dig my feet into the earth.
  23. I want to jump rope.
  24. I want to row.
  25. I want to do burpees—nah, maybe not.
  26. I want to run through the woods.
  27. I want to do lunges.
  28. I want to have muscular equity.
  29. I want to swing kettlebells.
  30. I want to twerk? Or at least have the option to do so.
  31.  I want to hike—did I say that already? Ok, how about backpacking then.
  32. I want to walk barefoot on moss.
  33. I want to point my toes.
  34.  I want to flex my toes.
  35. I want to stand on my tippy toes.
  36. I want to climb a ladder.
  37. I want to wear shoes.
  38. I want to walk in the rain. (Barefoot would be nice.)
  39. I want to sit with my feet tucked under me.
  40. I want to do a cartwheel.
  41.  I want to stand balanced on my right foot.
  42.  I want to go camping.
  43. I want to do squats.
  44. I want to walk in the mud.
  45. I want to wade through a stream.
  46. I want to jump from rock to rock.
  47.  I want to walk to a friend’s house.
  48. I want to walk whilst gazing at the stars.
  49. I want to do child’s pose.
  50. I want to bungee jump

And it’d be great to do it here again:

Whenever I watch that it never fails to make me smile and remember the ecstatic feeling I had after jumping. Next, we’ll find out the next 50 things I want to do…