The Lisfranc Progression

I’m back! The last time I wrote I was not in a good place. My foot was troubling me and I was experiencing the beginning of some other serious health problems. True to my nature, I retreated to care for myself and am reemerging now that I am getting better. Allow me to pick up where I left off.

I saw my surgeon on the 9th of May. He examined my foot and listened to my concerns. He basically said that the healing process takes time. (Something that he has been telling me all along.) It takes more time since it is my foot, an extremity, and blood tends to naturally pool in the foot and not circulate as much as non-extremities. Therefore, Continue reading


Hardware Removal Surgery Update Part 1

So here I am, back on the couch, foot elevated. And what better thing to do than to update my blog? I had surgery yesterday to take my hardware out. I arrived at 9:45AM, fifteen minutes before my 10AM appointment and checked in and had a seat in one of the comfortable club chairs in the lobby. I had brought a magazine and had my cell phone so figured I would amuse myself with those while I waited. A half an hour went by and nothing. I was freezing so my mom said I could use her coat. I curled up underneath it and read. After an hour, I went back up to reception and asked what was going on. They said they knew I was there, things must be taking longer than usual. I said, ok and sat back down.

I caught up on Facebook since I hadn’t been on it most of the week and read some of my magazine. By the second hour, Continue reading